Postdoctoral Position (Adiunkt)

A full-time postdoctoral position (12 months) is available in the project NCN Sonata-Bis 9: “Quantum Information in Quantum Field Theories and Holography: Dynamics and Complexity”. The project is focused on exploring the AdS/CFT correspondence from the perspective of quantum information and quantum computation in quantum field theories. A successful candidate is expected to conduct research on complexity in quantum field theories and the AdS/CFT correspondence.

All inquiries in regard to this position should be sent to Pawel Caputa (pcaputa [at]

The candidates have to conform to the conditions stated in art. 113 of Higher Education Law dated 20.07.2018 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2022, item 574).


The requirements:

The candidate should hold the PhD degree (or obtain PhD degree before starting the position) in Theoretical Physics or related field, preferably not longer than 7 years. Strong record of publications and international research experience in one of the following topics is required: Quantum Information in Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Complexity in many-body physics, Holography and AdS/CFT.

The candidate must meet the conditions set by the National Science Center for people employed in a post- doc position. In particular, the person employed for this position must have a doctoral degree obtained no earlier than 7 years before the year of employment in the project. This period does not include breaks related to maternity leave, additional maternity leave, leave on the conditions of maternity leave, additional leave on the conditions of maternity leave, paternity leave, or parental leave granted on the terms specified in the provisions of the Labor Code or the receipt of sickness allowance or rehabilitation benefits in connection with incapacity for work, including those caused by diseases requiring medical rehabilitation. For women, the indicated 7-year period may be extended by 18 months for each child born or adopted. A woman can choose a more favorable way to indicate breaks in her scientific career.

The employment will take place in accordance with the NCN regulations, in particular the employed person must meet the following conditions jointly:

  • the project principal investigator was not a supervisor/auxiliary supervisor in his/her doctoral dissertation;
  • during the period of receiving this remuneration, she/he will not be employed by another employer on the basis of an employment contract, including an employer based outside of Poland.
  • over the last two years preceding employment in the project, she/he was not employed, pursuant to an employment contract, at the entity acting as the host institution for the research project.
  • will be employed for at least 6 months.
  • at the time of receiving remuneration, they will not be receiving any other remuneration paid from the funds granted to research projects under NCN calls under the heading of direct costs.

Additional details and exceptions are found in the Sonata Bis 9 call:

Key responsibilities:

Depending on her/his experience, the postdoc will carry the research on objectives of the project such as developing notions of complexity in quantum field theories and in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Moreover, the candidate will have the opportunity to co-mentor one PhD student.

Conditions of employment:

Place of employment: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Employment period: 12 months (one year)
Employment scope: 1 full position
Salary: 120,000 PLN/year of full remuneration cost including the employer’s costs.

 The candidate should provide the following documents:

  •  Application for the position.
  •  Information on the processing of personal data – information clause and consent clause-attachment to the announcement (available on the website
  •  Statement on reading and accepting the rules for job applications for a position of an academicteacher at the University of Warsaw (available on the website ).
  • CV including the list of publications.
  • Research statement.
  • A PhD diploma (a formal confirmation of PhD degree or expected date of graduation).
  • 2 letters of recommendation (sent directly to pcaputa [at]

A successful candidate should submit originals of application documents.

The documents should be sent by e-mail to pcaputa [at] by the deadline of 05.03.2023. All candidates will be informed individually (by e-mail) about the results of their application.

This announcement is the first step in the procedure of employing an academic teacher and its positive result will be a base for consecutive steps.


Sounds like a position for you?

All inquiries in regard to this position should be sent to Pawel Caputa (pcaputa [at]

The candidates have to conform to the conditions stated in art. 113 of Higher Education Law dated 20.07.2018 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2018, item 1668 with further amendments).