Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity Group

Our main goal is to explore quantum gravity using quantum information.

Our current focus is on developing quantum information tools, such as measures of entanglement or complexity, in quantum field theories and using them to understand the relation between holographic geometry and quantum entanglement.


  1. 11.04.2024

    New result: „Krylov complexity and gluon cascades in the high energy limit” by Pawel Caputa (UW), Krzysztof Kutak (IFJ Kraków).

  2. 14.02.2024

    New result: „Krylov complexity of density matrix operators” by Pawel Caputa (UW), Hyun-Sik Jeong (IFT Madrid), Sinong Liu (UW), Juan F. Pedraza (IFT Madrid), Le-Chen Qu (IFT Madrid).

  3. 07.02.2024

    Join Us! New postdoctoral position in the ERC grant „Quantum Complexity from Quantum Field Theories to Quantum Gravity”. Application deadline: 08.03.2024.

  4. 13.10.2023

    New result: „New forms of attraction: Attractor saddles for the black hole index” by Jan Boruch (UW), Luca V. Iliesiu (Stanford U.), Sameer Murthy (King’s College), Gustavo J. Turiaci (U. of Washington).

  5. 01.09.2023

    New result: „Exploring supersymmetric wormholes in N=2 SYK with chords” by Jan Boruch (UW), Henry W. Lin (Stanford U.), Cynthia Yan (Stanford U.).

  6. 28.07.2023

    New member: We are very happy to welcome dr Bowen Chen that has just joined our group as a new postdoc!

  7. 27.06.2023

    New result: „Krylov complexity of modular Hamiltonian evolution.” by Paweł Caputa (UW), Javier M. Magan (Bariloche), Dimitrios Patramanis (UW) and Erik Tonni (SISSA).

  8. 07.06.2023

    New result: „Krylov complexity in a natural basis for the Schrödinger algebra.” by Dimitrios Patramanis (UW) and Watse Sybesma (University of Iceland).

  9. 03.05.2023

    New event: Our Chair of Quantum Mathematical Physics is hosting Advanced school on asymptotically flat spacetime and celestial holography from August 28 – September 1, 2023. Apply before June 15!

  10. 02.04.2023

    New event: We are organising another meeting of stringtheory.pl/2023  in Warsaw. Join us May 19-20.

  11. 28.02.2023

    Focus week on dynamics of QI. This week our visitors Diptarka Das (IIT Kanpur) and Felix Haehl (U. of Southampton) will give seminars on:  „Virasoro blocks and quasimodular forms” (DD) and „Effective theory of sub-maximal chaos” (FH) as well as series of pedagogical lectures on: „Quantum quenches and restoration of symmetry” (DD) and „Schwinger-Keldysh formalism”, „Hydrodynamics” and „Open systems in holography” (FH). More details also here.

  12. 05.09.2022

    Our group will host a one-day workshop: „Quantum Complexity and Computation” on 08.09.2022.

  13. 04.03.2022

    New result: BPS and near-BPS black holes in AdS5 and their spectrum in N=4 SYM.” by Jan Boruch (UW), Matthew T. Heydeman (Princeton U.), Luca V. Iliesiu (Stanford U.) and Gustavo J. Turiaci (Princeton U.)

  14. 16.02.2022

    New result: „A new measure of quantum state complexity.” by Vijay Balasubramanian (U. Penn), Pawel Caputa (UW), Javier Magan (U. Penn), Qingyue Wu (U. Penn).

About Our Group

Our group is a part of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chair of Quantum Mathematical Physics, Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, Poland. It currently contains four members (meet our team).

Our research lies at the intersection of quantum information, quantum field theory, holography and quantum gravity. At the moment we carry out two projects: NAWA Polish Returns 2019 Holographic Geometry and Quantum Information and NCN Sonata Bis 9 Quantum Information in Quantum Field Theories and Holography: Dynamics and Complexity.