Main Research Topics

Dynamics of Entanglement in QFT and AdS/CFT

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Complexity in QFT and Holography

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Selected Publications 

Pawel Caputa, Javier Magan, Dimitrios Patramanis.
Geometry of Krylov Complexity, Phys.Rev.Res. 4 (2022) 1, 013041
arXiv:1706.07056 [hep-th]

Jan Boruch, Pawel Caputa, Dongsheng Ge and Tadashi Takayanagi,
Holographic path-integral optimization; JHEP 07 (2021) 016,
arXiv:1706.07056 [hep-th]

Pawel Caputa, Nilay Kundu, Masamichi Miyaji, Tadashi Takayanagi and Kento Watanabe,
Liouville Action as Path-Integral Complexity: From Continuous Tensor Networks to AdS/CFT; JHEP 11 (2017) 097,
arXiv:1706.07056 [hep-th]

Pawel Caputa and Javier M. Magan
Quantum Computation as Gravity; Phys.Rev.Lett. 122 (2019) 23, 231302,
arXiv: 1807.04422 [hep-th]

Online talks and presentations

Summary talk of our works on Complexity in Conformal Field Theories

You can find more talks from this conference here