Jan Boruch, M.Sc.

Graduate Student

My main area of research is the AdS/CFT correspondence. In particular, I am interested in questions which might lead us to better understanding of quantum aspects of gravity. One of the prominent approaches heavily developed in recent years goes under the title “spacetime emergence from entanglement”. In this approach we try to investigate whether one can think of spacetime as an effective description of the complicated entanglement patterns of the strongly coupled dual field theory. Part of my research focuses on studying path integral optimization approach to holography, as well as investigating various field theory entanglement measures from the perspective of AdS/CFT. Another, much older, approach to studying quantum gravity investigates thermodynamics of black holes by studying Euclidean gravitational path integral. This approach was developed before the discovery of AdS/CFT, but gained many important physical insights from holography. My research also focuses on trying to understand the leading quantum effects on the thermodynamics of near-extremal black holes.