Michał Bączyk, M.Sc.

Graduate Student
I am a team player and in my opinion it is best to set out on a journey towards the unknown together, helping each other along the way and sharing the joy of discovering the world.
I started my Physics journey in high school when I conducted my first independent research. For that work I was awarded 1st prize in the 27th European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) becoming the best young scientist in Europe. Afterwards, I graduated with a BA degree in Physics from St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge. Eventually, I completed my Master’s studies at ETH Zurich where I specialized in quantum information.
I am fascinated with the research in quantum gravity because, for me, it is remarkable how this field merges ideas from various disciplines. The knowledge of quantum information, field theory, string theory, statistical thermodynamics, condensed matter, many-body physics and general relativity is indispensable when it comes to investigating the quantum structure of spacetime, black hole physics or the information loss paradox.
My first work in the area was my Master’s thesis completed in the Quantum Information Theory group at ETH within the collaboration with Paweł Caputa. Right now, continuing the studies we already completed we would like, as a novel idea in holography and CFT in general, to introduce the operational notions of channels into the language of field theories which would allow us to quantify with quantum information tools the quantum evolution of holographic states. Our further research directions would involve geometric descriptions of dynamical states in CFT and Holographic Tensor Networks for time-dependent states.